TMS platform

Platforma TMS

Creation of a TMS platform for a transport company

Project goal: effective communication and exchange of operational information between forwarders in teams dispersed in Poland and present at the company's headquarters, optimization of the route and loading, shortening the transport time and increasing the turnover generated by the own fleet, increasing the number of orders, reducing costs.

The main advantage of the Platform is a very simplified way of collecting information about available orders and free vehicles throughout the company.

It is used not only to plan your own fleet, but also the fleet of carriers that are friends with the company. Free orders, inquiries from customers, as well as free vehicles visualized on the map allowed shippers to better use the transport capacity of the entire organization. The solution contributed to an increase in efficiency and laid the foundations for cooperation between dispersed teams (thanks to the transparency achieved through the use of the tool).

The most important thing in this project was that from the very beginning of its creation, it was the shippers who determined the scope and method of operation of the Platform.

The introduced ideas resulted directly from their experiences. Working on static systems and requiring large amounts of input information had a negative impact on customer service and quality.

The time, which is the most important factor affecting the efficiency of a forwarder in the work of a forwarder, provoked the creation of a tool that would change the proportions between the time of entering data and the time of planning and looking for solutions for free orders and free vehicles.

Advanced filtering on the map with the option to save settings allowed shippers to quickly view available orders throughout Europe or in a selected area at a specific time. It also made it possible to quickly find orders and vehicles within a radius of a given length from the place where there was a free order or a free vehicle.

Working on the TMS Platform made it possible to locate the planned transport tasks and the available resources of transport for their realization in time and space. The deployment of the solution throughout the organization was successful. The goals of the project have been achieved.

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