Tourist search engine

Tourist search engine

Planaxy is a project of the first multimodal comparison of individual means of transport on the Polish market. The idea was to plan the entire trip in one place, without leaving your home and searching for a long time through various internet search engines.

The multi-modality of the portal allows you to combine various means of transport within one route - planes, buses, trains, and even public transport in a given place in the world. As a result, it was possible to compare prices and choose, for example, the cheapest or the fastest combination of means of transport to the destination.

The search engine made it possible to plan specific departure dates and calculate the duration of the entire trip, taking into account access to the airport. The comparison engine also takes into account the travel time and the cost of a local bus ticket. In this way, the user will save up to several hours spent on searching for the most optimal and cheap travel options - there are over five thousand carriers in the Planaxy database, and the system processes over 50 million air connections in real time during one search.

Planaxy allows not only to plan the entire transport from home to reaching the hotel, but also to arrange accommodation and rent a car. is a proprietary project carried out in 2014-2016.

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