Mobile application for drivers

Mobile application for drivers

Aim of the project: automation of the order fulfillment process, electronic exchange of shipping documents, increasing the safety of carriers (live tracking of transported loads).

The application allows easy access to information about the current position of the vehicle without the need to buy specialized GPS modules.

The project included, among others:

  • analysis of the order fulfillment process,
  • preparation of a mobile application,
  • preparation of an intermediary system in communication between the mobile application and the TMS systems of carriers (API),
  • integration with the client's TMS system.

Achieved effects:

We have created a mobile app that every driver can easily install on his android phone.
This solution allowed to quickly indicate the location of transported loads using a GPS tracking.
The application improved contact with the driver thanks to the built-in chat module, and the notifications displayed on the phone screen reduced the response time in an emergency.
The key issue for the carrier was the possibility of electronic document exchange. The driver can now send a scan or photo of the document from his phone, and this is sent to the TMS system thanks to API integration.

Integration eliminated many errors related to manual data rewriting to the system. All changes from the TMS system are sent to the API and then sent to the mobile app.

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